The goal was to create packaging (in 4-5 different sizes) that would communicate the feeling of receiving an expensive gift whilst maintaining the new RG brand image.

A clean, grey exterior housing the logo in the bottom corner gives a strong, clean brand image. Upon opening, you are greeted with the words “Your day just got a whole lot better.” The unboxing of anything new is already a great experience and this message was placed in the hopes of elevating this feeling further. You’ll then find your order, hand-wrapped and sealed in black tissue paper. Underneath the item, there’s a sentiment disguised as a voucher code with a mystery discount to inspire repeat visits.

The final touch was to try and create a conversion to social media. Working together with the team, we created the “Snap it, share it, wear it” message on the inside of the lid.

All of this is to be sealed with a hand-signed sticker – “Sealed with love by ………”

This was created in collaboration with the whole e-commerce team and we worked on this directly with the MD.

Who would have thought there would be so much to say about a cardboard box!