As any good “about” page should be.

Hello, I’m Paul… and I’m obsessed with design. There, I said it!

I find myself picking apart every graphic, font, shop sign, poster, book cover… You name it. And while there’s nothing more satisfying than a beautifully minimal and tonal coffee cup with a well-placed logo and instantly recognisable branding (you go Starbucks!) There’s nothing worse than a bad design that is supposed to be representing a fantastic company. 

I once saw a poster for a well known fast-food chain (The one that claims to be the ruler of burgers) with three lines of text, one on top of the other… And it was just all wrong! The spacing between the words was inconsistent, the text wasn’t exactly in the centre and the white font spanned over a part of the background that was also white, making the third word unreadable! This infuriated me so much that these simple errors were overlooked for such a massive company. I actually took the brash decision to redesign this poster and email it over to the company…

I never got a reply.

But y’know what, a few months later I saw another poster from the same company and it was glorious! And you’re damned right I’m taking credit for it!

Now, where was I? Ah yes, I’m obsessed with design. Since the age of 16 I’ve been using and studying Photoshop. I’m fine turned to understanding perfect positioning and spacing of logos, using the correct font for the right message, injecting the best colours to represent a brand or story. 

I love design. But what’s more, as conceited and arrogant as it sounds, I’m great at designing.

I put everything I’ve got into everything I do, injecting enthusiasm and imagination into each project, providing you with the results you or your company needs. I love integrating with a team, the satisfaction of blending resources and skills to complete a goal is just perfection. 

So, if you’re looking for graphic digital or editorial designer with an understanding of web development, audio and video editing, PPC, SEO, UX, CSS, PHP and many other acronyms… I’m your guy.

Bonus Information:

My work has been featured in Empire, Forbes, ESP Magazine, Arcadia Group and the iOS and Android App Stores.

Originally from the small town of Belper, Derbyshire, I now live in Peterborough. In my free time, I take photos, watch movies and, every now and then, visit some far away destination for a long weekend.

Oh and one more thing… have you tried the Yorkshire tea biscuit brew? It’s the best!

You can email me at or if you fancy wasting a minute or two, you can follow me on Instagram.

The boring (professional) bit.

My goal is to create websites and designs that communicate a feeling of joy, comfort and ease of use.

For me, that means that not only graphical work, but also the fronted development like HTML & (S)CSS, jQuery, and WordPress are part of my field of activity. The development section is really important to me, because I am constantly seeking to improve my skills and stay up-to-date with new methods and technology. Moreover, it presents a good change to the design part.

Here’s my CV (or résumé for the neighbors.)
Print it out and give it to your wealthy friends. Thanks!


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