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Project Description

A quality cult clothing merchandise store. founded in 2012 – Headshot Clothing has quickly grown to be one of the preferred choices of horror fans. We are passionate about what we do, are committed to our brand and always strive to produce products of the finest quality and always fully supporting the horror community.

At Headshot Clothing, our mission is clear. We aim to provide the horror community with the finest, high-quality merchandise and apparel. We know the value of cult cinema. Horror movies and media always strive to be unique and fantastically creative – a great horror can literally change you forever. There is no community quite as dedicated as the horror community and here at Headshot Clothing, we share your passion.

We are inspired by every horror, thriller and cult movie we have watched and loved. Our t-shirts are wearable and stylish, and our designs have been inspired by the most revered movies of the past and present. We are committed to what we do and have set out to be the world’s first ‘luxury’ brand for horror fans. Headshot Clothing was founded on the principle that the horror genre is a meaningful art form – that’s why we specialise in the art of horror movies. We aim to create products that echo and complement our values. Each is created with care and attention to detail. That’s why Headshot products should always be worn with pride.

Project Details

  • Client Headshot Clothing
  • Tags Branding, Design, Illustration, Photography, Web
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